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samanthaeng.blogspot was set up on 31st December 2007 in an attempt to move away from the air-headed musings of the writer's earlier journal. the original purpose of this site was to spread the writer's ingenious and philosophical musings to the world at large, but that grand plan soon got squashed and is now replaced by a day-by-day account of a law student stuck in the land of english tea and scones.

this is not a philosophical blog. nor is it a food blog, a photo blog or a today-i-woke-up-and-brushed-my-teeth blog. it is just a blog that expresses the writer's many musings, with occasional attempts at philosophy and nice photography (this rarity inevitably leads to questions on why i am being emo. i assure you i am not.)
loves bittergourds, starbucks coffee and the smell of fresh print. she dances, but cannot sing very well. however, this insignificant fact has not stopped her from singing on sidewalks and bus stops. she loves laughing, and talks a bit too much. one of her first ambitions was to become a radio DJ, until someone told her that listeners usually prefer non-stop hits to non-stop talking.

she then went on to dabble into a bit of journalism, before finally settling on her current ambition: to become the next legally blonde three. she loves winning, enjoys arguing and likes the colour pink. her favourite ice-cream flavour is vanilla, but she is far from boring.

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July 4, 2010
New Beginnings

as already mentioned before, I've decided to change the platform for my thoughts. it wasn't really an easy decision to make because I've stuck with, and have developed attachment for this site for more than two years now. But there is just so much in here that I feel ought to be locked up before I officially enter the world of grown-ups in about a year's time. So, I'll be leaving this place unlocked for the next three weeks (hurry do your transitions, change your google reader and links) before it'll be for my eyes only. thank you for reading this site for the past two-and-a-half years. it's been... a pleasure.

now redirect yourself to HERE!

or HERE, HERE, HERE (in case you're slow on the uptake... you know, it happens).


Summer in London

it's not that i've forgotten, but there is so much to say that i don't know where to begin.


June 25, 2010
Dear Body

so today i end my exams and tonight i feel the beginnings of a cough and a cold creeping up on me. this post-exam quirk has happened.... many times over many years. but this time, dear body, is it possible to hold out for another three weeks more of office life in london?



I know that I'm supposed to be over the moon because exams are over and summer is finally, finally here after nine months of waiting. but you know, it's really hard to garner that enthusiasm when you're roasting in the sweltering heat, nauseated over the most imperfect end to this round of papers, tired but still stuck with a bundle of practicalities and packing to think about.


June 24, 2010
International Nuisance

I am actually very, very afraid for this paper.


June 23, 2010

I am suffering from this dreadful bout of inertia for this last paper which is certainly not funny, not ideal and making me rethink my module choices for next year. do I really want to subject myself to six exam papers? and the whole one-hundred-percent-exam stance i'm advocating for next year. mmmm, I don't know if it's wise or not.

on a brighter note, the issue of returning ten library books has been resolved. pk's an absolute angel (:


June 22, 2010
Things To Do

I am not kidding when I say that it is completely too hot to study in this country right now. imagine this: temperatures like Singapore, scorching sun that doesn't set till past nine, no fan and no air-conditioner, while stuck in a stuffy room whose window faces the sun. this is no joke. i actually can't wait to get out of here in a few days now.

after a crazy two days, there's one last paper left now! (it's international nuisance by the way - yes, yes that one) it seems like i have completely not thought about the post-exam practicalities that i have to settle, and i was only reminded when jasmine earlier today mentioned having to return books. yes, i have a total of ten thick library books in my room right now and if she didn't mention it, you would have seen me trying to lug them all to school on sunday when i belatedly realise their existence and need to return them before getting my self to london town!

anyway, a somewhat to-do list:

think of when i want to get myself to london (includes accurately predicting my packing abilities. tough)
get train tickets
find some way to return the 10 books bit by bit (or lug them all to school one day after my exams)

friday (after the paper):
errr, celebrate? hopefully?
get boxes
shop for work clothes (maybe)
do laundry
pack pack pack

finish all packing (hopefully)
errr shop? if i didn't get to the shops on time on friday?
eh wait, what hopefully, MUST finish all packing

get to london
iron work clothes (if needed)
explore the vicinity and find where the nearest supermarket is and buy breakfasty foods
basically settle in

OKAY. so that's the plan. i should, you know, not worry about post-exam stuff and start on international nuisance some time.

ps. blog is degenerating into mindless posts like these, i know! sorry! but you see, that's because i'm having fun setting up the new blog. will officially make the switch when exams are over!


June 21, 2010

ahhh okay. so my fingers really, really hurt and there's this ugly bump at the part where my pen rests. the weather is also too hot for work and i have a morning paper tomorrow. oh yeah, and my desk lamp blew today and i am straining my eyes to study in this room now. but apart from that, all's good (: three down, two to go. summer is comingggg.


June 16, 2010
A Rundown

for the next four papers:

1) don't forget to eat your prerequisite kinder bueno, you forgetful girl. you don't want another growling stomach in the last hour of your paper.

2) don't forget to bring your watch to the exam! this is important - it is extremely stupid to be sitting at the busstop, without a watch or phone or any other time-telling device - especially when you've just missed a bus.

3) a certain international law lecturer was right. width of topics > depth. why? because there is no way you can write all that depth into an answer in 45 minutes anyway. and more importantly, isn't it nice when you don't have to scream silently in your head for the first five minutes while trying to find questions that you can actually do?

okay fine, it wasn't too bad. just a lot of horror at the start, learning a new topic on the spot (using the statute materials provided) and coming up with caseless, creative arguments to charm my way through. atta girl. (but please don't do this again). CONTRACT NEXT!


June 14, 2010
Ready, Get Set, Go

okay, exam period officially starts tomorrow! - or today really, since it is past one in the morning. I say it starts tomorrow (instead of wednesday when my first paper begins) because one always needs that couple of days of memory stretching hell before each paper right? but since exam period is here, the days are going to fly by so soon now (: also, the next time i emerge back here, I ought to be one really happy girl! (unless, you know, I start blogging in midst of exams like how I always do. hmmm.)

short-term goal:
buy an alarm clock. or beseech someone to be my human alarm.

ps. pun in blog post title is fully intended. if you know it, you know it. otherwise, don't break your brains wondering!


June 13, 2010

i really hate essay questions that go - discuss xxx in law today or discuss the case of xxx and its importance - simply because they're amazingly boring and doesn't require me to take a stand and argue my opinions at all! how is this an essay question! it's a narrative for goodness sake! these sort of questions had better not come out in the exam.


June 9, 2010
One Week

okay, so we're one week from the start - time for a little recap! the summer holidays are so close i can even taste them now. because if you think about it, 7 days isn't a very long time. and then, everyone knows how swiftly the actual exam period will blur by in an instant (usually peppered with plenty of memory-stretching work). as of now, i've kind of entered my relaxation-before-exams mode already. if you must know, this habit was ingrained by my mum since i was kid, along the lines of you have to be so prepared that you can relax the week before your exams to gear up for the battle ahead. which sort of makes sense, because the upcoming ten days are going to be, as mentioned, memory-stretching hell. but i'm not too sure about the first part of her statement (so prepared? really? which normal student is so prepared a week before papers??) so don't worry, i'm still studying, albeit no more going to school and a lot of staying home with proper meals and quite a lot of sleep (:

i have great, grand plans for summer by the way! i figured, since i am going to be spending three weeks alone in london, why not make it some good-quality sam time? while going home to singapore in summer is always lovely, there is always this niggling feeling that i never do stop and get any quality time to do the simple things. so in between work hours in london, i am going to: catch up on reading, write, read in coffee places, swim, eat foods that i like, go running, write in coffee places, explore places on weekends, go out, stay at home, sing on sidewalks, party, set up my new blog (in construction as i type), write some more, decide what i want to do with the rest of my life, decide which continent i would like to be in in two years, write applications, go in search of the best cupcakes and macaroons, laugh over romantic comedies, weep over sappy movies, sleep, dream, and savour what summer in another city has to offer. 


June 8, 2010

it amazes me how there can be people out there who are so mentally unsound and say the most unbelievable things. like seriously? even if you wanted to plant seeds of doubt into someone's mind, couldn't you have come up with something better? it is so ridiculous that i should be rolling my eyes and feeling amused instead of this. okay, i'll try. ha ha ha. insert mega eye-roll.


June 4, 2010
Curious Discoveries

to be fair, international law is not all that bad - despite the many names i call it (international nuisance/ pain/ gibberish etc), the content can be rather interesting! but i think it is something i would prefer to have known through another way, and not through these cursory, sweeping glances at wikipedia, whilst frantically distilling the important information from the quirky. i suddenly feel not so very old after all, while reading about the events of september eleven, because wasn't it just the other day when we were almost-teenagers, huddled in one large misshapen circle, over someone's copy of the new paper? there was a lot of excitement, i remember, and the overwhelming awe that such devastation can happen - we were, after all, young and naive and safe behind our rosy-hued glasses. more vividly though, i remember our thirst to know more, a large part of which might have to do with being the oldest in the school (and at twelve, we all like showing off our knowledge to the younger kids on school buses). but you know what? at least the thirst existed. it is so much better to be young, naive and thirsty, than to be young, sometimes naive, but at most times jaded and deliberate. i don't think any child should ever be taught that curiosity killed the cat.

i am still quite miffed over my feedback sheet for this international nuisance though! i shall not get too hung up over it, but it still stings a little. for now, the focus ought to be on the impending finals - though, what wouldn't i give to be able to stop pouring over these thick textbooks and just sit in comfortably in a closeted cafe, watch replays of relevant bbc news, and learn everything i need to know in a heartbeat.


June 1, 2010

reading about people who have started their exciting summer holidays is making me feel extremely envious. in my mind, summer is for laughter, sun-kissed skin, frolicking in summer dresses, picnics, and singing on sidewalks. not this! certainly not this: dreary wet weather with unfamiliar books that have far too many pages for their own good. i want my summer holidays now now now now NOW.


May 31, 2010

so i told myself to stop writing all these twenty-one-point-something posts (you know, the whole - exams are here why are you wasting your time blogging miss eng - theory), but but but... this birthday present is really awesome that i simply have to blog about it! look below and tell me, do you spy something shiny and funky and orange? yes, yes? this is where i insert a big smiling grin (a rare sight these days). to be honest, i've been wanting a new ipod for a few months now, ever since my old one turned a little wonky. this was a fact that none of the ten people knew though, but they still managed to get me exactly what i wanted (bravo miss nott)! so, hugeeee thank you to chloe, pk, jiayi, amanda, michelle, steph, yonglong, rahul, ian, and jerrick. much much much love (:


in other news - i got to torch my own crème brulee at jiayi's place yesterday! it was quite exciting (and i am a big fan of crème brulee). seeing my two law seniors happy with the end of exams kind of made me want to work hard so that soon i'll be in that same happy state too. but i think the problem is... i've too short an attention span! someone please kick me and tell me that four hours of work a day is simply not enough...

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May 27, 2010

i haven't really gotten around to cataloguing my birthday presents this year, and i don't think i will either - primarily because i'm lazy to plough through the heap of shopping bags on the floor next to me (hello sorry, exam period! i will endeavour to get them all rightful proper places when exams are over). but post has been arriving from singapore! and seriously - it never rains but it pours: a parcel of earrings arrived yesterday, and two cards came today! what got me really excited were the two cards today because they came with such cute/inspirational things stuffed inside their little envelopes as well! so i excitedly took photos and there you go -


first, can i say that i've the cutest and coolest parents in the world who sent me a card telling me that i am, i quote, "SO COOL". i think being overseas really magnifies a lot of the emotions i take for granted when i am back home, because i was actually close to tears while reading their card. another reason why my parents are amazingly cute: they got me stickers with my name on it (obviously thinking that i am very narcissistic)! but the stickers were such a lovely touch and i think they must have gotten the idea from how excited i was when Singapore Art Museum came out with their I LOVE SAM stickers. anyway, i've one of those stickers above on my water-bottle now (: also, char's mail came today as well and i absolutely love those inspirational lyrics! thanks dearie, i hope they'll get me through my exams (: it's so heartwarming to receive postal love from halfway across the world!

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May 26, 2010

i think i've forgotten what it's like to to kick ass.


May 25, 2010

another horror spider tale to add to my cumulative list! i totally detest spiders who appear in front me, disappear after I asked ian to come up to help me with it, and then appear again when i finally decide to bathe by jumping into the bath tub with me! i think my stress levels tripled or something in that moment, but thank you ian for helping! i've more of less decided that i hate the hot weather right now - the tan nonewithstanding, everything else screams misery! from daily appearances of insects to a burning hot room (the sun shines on my room the entire day and heats it up) which renders me sleepless at night, this weather is not boding well! come back spring! you can't have just left us! it's not even summer time yet!

okay, i just realised the entire above paragraph was plain narcissistic and whiny (aren't you supposed to learn maturity this year, sam?). anyway, back to the point of the twenty-one-point-three post! had a mini belated birthday dinner at sarah's place tonight! it was quite lovely, and we laughed so hard at quotes and photoshop that it was like some abs-exercise (: thank you for dinner and cake guys! and sarah, my ultimate happiness, thank you for the prettily-wrapped present with a gazillion accessories inside!

#1: claire's camwhoring skills fail, as I already told her, Jason won't be seen in the photo!

#2: haha okay, another one with jason to make up for it

OH AND, revision is so, so slow and bleedingly boring.

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May 23, 2010

i am officially 21 now (:

there was a lot drama leading up to this twenty-first, but in the end i decided to cancel the alcohol-infused, dessert party for a more simple, subdued celebration. that didn't make it any less lovely though - because i got to spend quality time with some close friends and for once, didn't crash into bed at midnight of the 23rd feeling like i needed a full night and day's sleep to recover from the festivities. it was a lovely day - so thank you to everyone who spent it with me (: also, the simple celebration meant that i still have a few meals lined up to meet with the people i didn't get to meet on my actual birthday. this, plus the fact that the post is delaying my cards and parcels, means that i still have an extended birth month to come! get ready for more twenty-one-point-somethings (:

in the past year, i think i've grown up quite abruptly in a short amount of time. although 19 was the year that wrought all the time travelling and changes, and being half-way across the globe from my family, i was still somewhat cocooned in a protective shell that year. like a child, even if i didn't wish or ask for it, my needs were all magically taken care of. in the end, it was only in my 20th year where i stumbled through the bulk of my growing up. but it was a good stumble, and i'm happy to say that i have learnt to become a lot more independent. i think i've also encountered a eureka moment this year - that being happy is perhaps the most important thing, more important than success or the right decision. i am still mulling over this point, and will probably get my answer this year, so we shall see. i'm still not sure about maturity though - i do have my moments still. i may not draw on staplers any more, but i still do wildly inappropriate things like giggle loudly in class, write harry potter references on forms, put sugar into ketchup and book impulsive flights home. but maybe this will be the growing-up for this twenty-first year. for now though, on my very first day of being 21, you can still come to me for sunny giggles and inappropriate moments.

finally, a few photos from yesterday! (more to come regarding presents, unless i get too bogged down by work!):

#1: with the girls, waiting for our amazing dim sum brunch in birmingham that had us stuffed to the brim! this brunch was sandwiched between shopping in the morning and afternoon by the way, which was good fun as always. i bought a white dress from zara, which, i later impulsively decided to wear at night (: also, random fact of the day: strangers are nice to you on your birthday (even if they don't know it). woman at the zara changing room told me that she loved my hair because it's so shiny. barrista at starbucks also, for once instead of begrudging my fussiness, complimented my good taste in my special order drink (what's new) saying that she has tried it once and it was divine! (:

#2: spent the night in leamington after the afternoon in birmingham. i was wearing my new white dress by now! haha, this was the restaurant we were supposed to have dinner at, except when i asked pk if we should make reservations, she said nah, no need. LOOK WHAT HAPPENED. haha but it's okay, we had a nice meal at strada anyway.

#3: with the lovely jasmine! who listened to my instructions to "dress up" (i only told her half an hour before meeting) and did! yay, pretty camwhore friend (:

#4: with my birthday cake, two pink candles and one white candle (((:

#5: i know this looks like we were in a club, but we really weren't. it's called the camera-vibration-effect. haven't you heard, it's the new cool! (ha ha)

#6: ditto. oh, and the waiter thinks my camera's effect is very interesting. haha.

#7: drinks - worst mohito ever because they ran out of straws. how does one drink a mohito without straws!

#8: nevermind, just smile for the camera - straw or no straw

#9: with pk

#10: "let's act cute!" - okay, maturity levels negative one

#11: haha, i was saying?

okay, lovely celebrations are over! back to my lovingly (pristine and untouched) books. also, thank you katie for the tights and jasmine for the shawl and tea! (:

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